Hypoallergenic mattresses, anti-allergy, allergy-free, non-allergenic or however you prefer to refer to these type of mattresses , hypoallergenic refers to the reduction of allergens and the prevention of dust mites. More and more of us are turning to this type of product_, as we are suffering with allergies more than ever before . Combating these allergies is high on the list of priorities at Mattresses365 and we have a wide range of products that will do just that. 

What is a Hypoallergenic Mattress?

A hypoallergenic mattress is a mattress that prevents allergic reactions, by creating a barrier for dust mites, skin cells and oil to prevent them from entering the mattress.

What are the benefits of a Hypoallergenic Mattress?

The benefits of a Hypoallergenic mattress are simple; reducing allergic reactions, fighting against bacterial growth and promoting a healthy sleep environment for asthmatics, allergy sufferers and more.

What's inside different Hypoallergenic mattresses

Who should buy a Hypoallergenic Mattress?

Life can be improved enormously for allergy and asthma sufferers through the use of these types of mattresses. They don’t offer a 100% cure, but we do recommend them for a genuine chance of symptom reduction.

What are the different types of Hypoallergenic Mattresses?

All foam mattresses are highly effective as allergen protection as dust mites cannot penetrate the foam, whether that be memory foam, gel foam or reflex foam. Latex is also hypoallergenic and has the additional benefit of no bacteria being able to live upon it. 

Aside from mattresses, there is also a range of mattress protectors and toppers that are treated specifically to prevent the harboring of dust mites, bacteria, and allergens from surviving on the mattress. These treatments, such as Purotex, are contained within the fabric cover and are released slowly as you move around in your bed, releasing tiny amounts of friendly bacteria that absorb all of the available moisture the dust mites would usually use to thrive. 

Find the perfect Hypoallegenic mattress for you.

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