Side Sleeper Mattress Buying Guide

What is a Side Sleeper?

A side sleeper is someone who sleeps on either the right or left side of their body. Side sleepers are the most common group when it comes to sleeping positions, and consequently, there is an abundance of options to choose from when it comes to choosing your mattress.

Which mattress is the best for side sleepers?

Pocket sprung mattresses are an ideal choice for side sleepers, as they will provide exceptional support to the shape of the spine. The springs in the mattress can be combined with several distinct types of comfort layers to create a hybrid mattress. Choose a mattress with deep layers of filling, which will reduce pressure points to the body and reduce lower back strain.

Different sleeping positions

How 'firm' should my mattress be?

There’s not a perfect answer to this question, as each sleeper is an individual and will have their own preferences. However, our initial recommendation would be to choose a medium-soft mattress, as this will allow the hips and shoulders to ‘sink’ in the mattress, thus allowing the springs to fully support the spine around the waist area, as well as providing excellent neck and head support. It does have to be said though, that weight will also be a factor to consider when choosing a mattress for a side sleeper, because the heavier the sleeper is, the softer a mattress will feel and visa-versa. 


Which mattress filling should a side sleeper choose?

Side sleepers could select from memory foam mattresses, gel foam mattresses or even latex mattresses. Pillow top mattresses are also suitable, as they are excellent for providing good support for this sleeping position.

Memory foam mattresses: these are primarily designed to provide pressure relief where the body needs it most, generally around the hips and shoulders.

Gel foam mattresses: provide superb comfort and a slightly firmer ‘feel’ than memory foam. It’s also excellent for those that prefer a cooler night’s sleep.

Latex mattresses: these provide an instantaneous response to body movement and are very effective at providing comfort and spinal support.

Pillowtop mattresses: a wonderful choice for side sleepers, as it allows the body to sink into the deep layers of filling materials that it contains. Luxury and support combined!

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