Pocket Sprung mattresses are made with traditional meta springs. Each spring is held in its own fabric sleeve for enhanced comfort and reacts independently to body weight offering maximum support.

What is a pocket sprung mattress?

Put simply, a Pocket Sprung Mattress is exactly what you would think; a mattress created with individual springs that are placed inside their own fabric sleeve. The purpose of making mattresses in this way is that each spring is completely independent of each other, rather than being linked together like an open-coil spring unit and so they will be much more supportive to your body.


Do all pocket prings give the same support

What are the benefits of pocket springs?

As the springs are not reliant upon one another, each spring will move according to the weight and pressure that is placed upon it and will therefore help to keep the body in perfect alignment, as opposed to an open coil spring unit where the springs are all joined together and placing weight in one area will unavoidably move the springs in another area. This means that your body is supported exactly where it needs to be, and if you move around in your sleep, your partner is not disturbed.

Do all pocket springs give the same support?

Not all pocket springs are the same! They vary by height, thickness (or gauge), the number of turns in the spring and the actual number of springs in the mattress. All these things can be huge factors in the feel and quality of the mattress. In general, the thicker the wire (gauge) the firmer the mattress will be, but the springs themselves will be less flexible and it may be that the mattress will not mould to the shape of your body correctly. Sometimes a medium or softer spring, but with a higher spring count, will give a better support as the mattress contours to the body shape more easily. 

Pocket spring support can also vary according to the height and number of turns in the spring. If you were to compare two springs of the same height and one was to have 5 turns and the other 8, for example, then the higher turn count will be more responsive and supportive as well as giving more even, uniform support. 

What is a mini pocket spring?

Mini pocket springs are another commonly used product in mattresses. These springs typically have a smaller diameter than standard pocket springs and can vary in height from around about 15mm to 35mm. They are often used on top of standard pocket springs and are usually made to a softer specification, so that they can be used to relieve pressure points and mould to the shape of the spine very easily, therefore enhancing the support of the mattress. Adding layer upon layer of mini pocket springs is an excellent method of reducing the pressure points on the body, such as the shoulder, hips and around the ankles. 

How many springs will be in my mattress?

Pocket spring counts in mattresses vary enormously, anywhere from 600 springs to 35,000 (yes, 35,000) and the support and comfort levels also differ. The one thing that they all have in common though, is that the spring count is always calculated by the number of springs that are in a 5’ king size mattress so, no matter what size mattress you buy the number of springs in the mattress will be pro rata to a king size.

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