What is a Hybrid mattress?

A Hybrid mattress is a combination of a Pocket Sprung mattress with memory foam, memory gel, reflex foam, latex, or any mixture of those products as the comfort layers. 

Most Hybrid mattresses use pocket springs as the main support layer, and they come in a wide range of different spring counts and differing firmness ratings so you can be sure to find something to suit you. Differing comfort layers are then placed on top of the springs and these will alter the whole ‘feel’ of the mattress, depending upon which materials are used, what depth or ‘thickness’ those layers are and even which order the materials are layered on the mattress. 

What are the benefits of a Hybrid mattress?

The support that this type of mattress offers is two-fold. Springs give reactive support, complimented by the close contouring of a foam layer closer to the body.

Hybrid mattresses tend to be more breathable, utilising the best qualities of the comfort layers and spring units. Hybrid mattresses often contain fewer chemicals, making them more environmentally friendly.

Who should buy a Hybrid mattress?

A Hybrid mattress is especially useful for people who move across many positions whle they sleep, as Hybrid mattresses ensure that the support remains constent. 


What's inside a Hybrid Cooling Mattress

What's inside a Hybrid Cooling Gel Mattress

What are the different types of Hybrid mattress?

Many hybrid mattresses are ‘bed-in-a-box’ and arrive at your home rolled up and vacuum packed. See the Majestic mattress from Baker and Wells. This makes delivery to your home easy and convenient and takes the stress and worry about whether the mattress will fit up your stairs or through your doors, out of your thoughts. You’ll still be able to sleep on your mattress the same night too, and you can be sure that your hybrid mattress will give great comfort and support from the first night and for many years afterwards. See our recommendation the Majestic Mattress from Baker & Wells.

Hybrid mattresses are available from a wide range of well known, branded suppliers such as Silentnight, Baker & Wells, Sleepsoul, Sleepeezee and Emma, with many available for free next day delivery.

Check out our range of hybrid mattresses now and get yourself a great night’s sleep as quickly as tomorrow! 

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