How to get that "Hotel Dressed Bed' at home

13 February 2023

How to make your bed look luxurious - Dressing, Layering and Styling


We’ve all been there, we enter our hotel room see the beautifully dressed bed and think, how in hell do they manage to get it looking so pristine, cosy, and luxurious, especially given they could have hundreds to dress! Well, here at Mattresses 365, we thought we’d offer some hints and tips to get that holiday bed feel, while here in Blighty.


Choosing the Right Linen

When it comes to bed linen it is true that you get what you pay for, the more you pay, better the quality of bedding. So, we’d recommend spending as much as you can afford. To achieve the crisp, clean look of a hotel bed, invest in pure cotton high thread-count bed linen, not only will your bed look sharp, but with cotton sheets, your mattress will be breathable ensuring a fresh, cool night’s sleep with the added benefit of regulating your body temperature and leveraging moisture levels, stopping the clammy feeling you can get from polyester bedding or pyjamas.


Turning Down Your Duvet

If you like to switch up your looks on a regular basis, investing in a reversible duvet cover is a good idea. When the top of the duvet cover is turned down, it not only provides two design options, but also adds a pretty additional feature to a bed. By folding over the top lip of the duvet you can create a lovely designer look with a contrasting pattern and/or colour. But it's not all about eye-catching patterns and colour-blocked shapes. Those looking for a luxury hotel aesthetic with a white-on-white look can still benefit from a reversible duvet cover; just keep it simple, sticking to stripes or polka dots with a plain neutral on the reverse.


Styling Your Bed - Cushions, Bedspreads and more

On a double bed or above, use two pillows on each side, fluffing them up before placing them on top of the duvet, open side facing the outer edge of the bed. It’s a good idea to invest in a couple of pillow bolsters to match your bedding if you want to upgrade your pillows even more. Place the pillow bolsters behind your regular pillows to prop up the pillows more elegantly coordinated facade for a five-star hotel appearance.

Cushions? Yes, cushions are essential to achieving that boutique hotel look. But how many? We’d recommend between three and six depending on the width of the bed. Group the pillows by size with the largest at the back, with a smaller in front and an even smaller in front of that. Cushions are great for eliminating gaps between pillows and a lovely way of bringing the entire bedroom design together. Choose a colour, motif, or style from your bedroom and incorporate it into your cushion design.


Throws are still a great way to dress up a bed, but be free spirited with them, don’t be too neat and constricted. Use the throw loosely to drape across the bottom of the bed or even draped over one corner. It's all about creating soft, textural layering when it comes to adding throws and blankets to the bed. We find the best balance between structured styling and laid-back décor is loosely draped across the bottom third of the mattress. And, as with a bedspread, combining two throws in a variety of colours and textures can also look epic!

Bedspreads are a great investment, we recommend pairing two bedspreads together, one patterned and one plain. Coordinate with colours, textures, patterns and make sure these tie in with your bedroom aesthetic such as matching to the curtains, cushions, upholstery or artwork. We’d suggest using the plain bedspread as the base cover, covering the whole bed, next add the patterned bedspread to the top half of the bed or even fold in 2, 3 or 4 as a strip to use across the upper middle of the bed to add a touch of interest. This will create a considered designer-led look.

Divan Beds are the perfect sets to make a statement to any bedroom and can help you to achieve that luxurious hotel look. We have many to choose from including sets from Sleepeezee, Deepsleep and Hypnos!

Add Layering For That Five Star Look

When it comes to creating that five star look a big element is layering and adding texture is key to achieving a beautiful aesthetic. The use of linens and soft fabrics can create a not-so-try-hard look, laid back yet elegant.

Small details like a buttons, exposed zip, piped edge, or metallic foiling can elevate the look of your bed. And what lies beneath is crucial. A flat sheet with old school hospital corners is a nice detail for the more meticulous among us.

For the finishing touches, invest in a sleep spray to help you sleep soundly. Spray liberally around the room and onto your bed linen before jumping in - linen sprays are also a great way to freshen up your sheets on days when they haven't been washed. Having visitors? To add the finishing touch to your bedscape, purchase a sturdy bed tray for your guests and fill it with tasty treats and snacks as well maybe an eye mask, night-time moisturiser, some aromatherapy oils to aid sleep such as lavender and echinacea, as well as a cup of chamomile tea to help your guests drift off into a peaceful slumber.

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