How Our 60 Night Sleep Trial Works

  • * The 60-night sleep trial initiates when your mattress is delivered to your home.
  • * To validate your 60-night sleep trial, a protector must be used throughout the trial period.
  • * To allow for proper adjustment, we stipulate that you must sleep on the mattress for a minimum of 40 nights, before requesting a mattress exchange. As with all new mattresses it will take time to bed in.
  • * If you don't find your mattress to your satisfaction within the trial period, kindly inform us after 40 nights but before the trial concludes on the 60th night.
  • * We will then replace your current mattress with a mattress of your choosing, provided it belongs to the same brand.
  • * On the day of delivery of your new mattress please ensure that your original mattress is ready for collection.

Terms and Conditions

* The 60-night sleep trial applies only to selected models that have the Sleep Trial Logo
  • * You are entitled to one mattress exchange only, and the replacement must be of the same size and brand.
  • * The 60-night sleep trial can only be invoked by the original purchaser, and proof of purchase is required.
  • * The 60-night sleep trial is valid only for mattresses within the United Kingdom.
  • * You can select an alternative mattress from the same brand on our website for the replacement
  • * If the replacement mattress you select is priced higher than your original purchase, we will request that you pay the price difference. Please note that this additional amount must be paid by credit or with debit card over the phone. If the replacement mattress you choose is priced lower than your originally purchased mattress, we are unable to refund the difference.
  • * Please note the 60-night sleep trial does not apply to zip and link models, as this is classed as a custom product – please refer to general Terms and Conditions for further information on custom products.
  • * All original packaging may be removed, but the mattress must be returned in a hygienic condition.
  •   The 60 Night Sleep Trial does not apply if you have:
    1.     1. Failed to use a mattress protector.
    2.     2. Misused or damaged your mattress (including accidental damage)
    3.     3. Repaired or altered your mattress in any way or neglected to keep it clean, or it exhibits signs of wear and tear.
  • * It is your responsibility to contact us to claim your 60 Night Sleep Trial and arrange the exchange. We will collect your old mattress and deliver your new mattress as promptly as possible, subject to the availability of the selected new mattress. For instance: If we have your chosen replacement mattress in stock, we can deliver your new mattress on a short lead time. If your selected replacement mattress is not currently in stock, we will need to wait until it becomes available before delivering it to you.